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MAKASSAR  ARTS INITIATIVE MOVEMENT (MAIM) is an art awareness movement in Makassar which aspires to spread the "virus" of artistic spirit that is total, creative, maximal, and displays fresh, innovative ideas that have novelty values. This movement has great hopes that Makassar can become a field for the growth and development of a dynamic and dialectical art world.
The emphasis on the word "initiative" indicates that this movement was born from the awareness that grows from within the artist, who is ready to move dynamically to cultivate ideas and art movements independently. The power of art from the soul is a spirit for creativity to break all physical and mental stagnation.

Makassar Art Initiate Movement is a hidden CITY gem, exhibiting incredible and unique works of art. Each year, the gallery hosts a number of exhibitions, programs, and events that help bring the general public closer to the wonderful world of art. Read on to learn about special exhibitions and artists we showcase.


MAIM Main Event


Beyond the Appearance of Meaning of Historical Value

This program raises the theme of the heritage value of wall painting from Leang-leang which has been released which is the oldest wall painting in the world. Compared to Lascaux in France and Altamira in Spain, the Leang-leang caves are older. This cave wall painting is a world cultural heritage that shows the level of human civilization since thousands of years ago. This is the spirit that will be adopted as a project for the transfer of creation into the interpretation of works of art using various mediums.

This project puts forward the principles of collaboration and process by involving the community, especially women in the northern part of the Leang-Leang village area and people with disabilities. Through initiative and creative exhibition projects outside the visual arts field, we try to interpret the historical heritage of the past by elevating the spirit and involving community components, especially women and disabilities. The touch of their hands will relate to the touch of the handprints of past communities, building civilizational relations through process-based and participatory art..

Artist of 2021 Event


Movement Gallery


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