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We invite you to enter this MAIM Gallery space. This gallery is presented in an attractive way so that you can appreciate the work of the artists. If you are interested in a particular artist or artistic style, be sure to check out the artists we represent and their past exhibitions. Have a recommendation? Get in touch and share your thoughts on who you'd like to meet next. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss announcements about upcoming special events and exhibitions.

Flying to the Moon

Achmad fauzi

Interpreting the hand stamp on the ceiling of the Leang Leang cave wall as a series of human prayers to what is called God.

Kadera (Kursi)

Amrullah syam

Undoubtedly a marker of human civilization, Leang Leang is unavoidable from exploitation by human hands. The chair became the strongest marker as the cause.

Rockless Extinction

Budi Haryawan

Sooner or later, everything will be extinct. Metamorphosis is the process of destroying civilization with a winding road but addictive until you don't realize it will all be extinct

Energi : Home #3

Ahmad Anzul

Reflecting on the spirit of leang leang as a nest, shelter, or house which is analogous to a womb for a female figure.


Faizal Syarif

Toughness and inner strength are symbols of the meaning of Leang Leang Spirit, because by holding on, the form of spirit is actually a spiritual path to God.

To (I exist because you said)

Goenawan monoharto

Leang Leang is a human symbol for the past and present, the vortex of civilization that became cultural creation starting from the blowing of the spirit from the divine, civilization was created and cultural creations spread to the present day

Eternal Path of Transformation

Haroen p mas'ud

The cloud is a symbol of eternal transformation, every time the change appears. Likewise with Leang Leang, as a product of human culture, it changes, both physically and in interpretation, like clouds, all cultural products face change, as well as the harp (kecapi) or digitalization frame, all of which are eternal in change.

Life Circle Guardian

Jenry Pasassan

Responding to interpreting form beyond history as a circle of regeneration. It takes a legacy of enthusiasm in maintaining leang leang, especially the younger generation and the community around the site. A circle that grows and develops by sharing dynamics but becomes a guardian for the spirit of civilization now and in the future.


Muhammad suyudi

The flow of human life is actually the same, every problem has the same essence, but all dynamics are like a winding life but in the end are the basic needs of every human being, clothing, food and shelter. That's why life is winding and has a groove that was created.


Komunitas REmpa

The threat of losing the memory of early human civilization. In the past, humans could live side by side with nature. But now humans are changing nature for their needs excessively, exceeding limits. Nature actually always communicates to humans through nature's whispers. But humans never listen.

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